* Position: Latitude 52.20 Longitude 0.32

* Altitude: 62m (203 ft)

*Observation hours: 0900 GMT (Where applicable due to shift work)

* Climatological Observers Link (COL) Station No: 91017

*Met office (WOW): Station ID: Raunds weather 

Welcome to Raunds Weather. My weather station is set up at home in Raunds, East Northamptonshire, UK. The weather station captures data on, temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunshine hours, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and grass temperature. The data is obtained using manual instruments and an automatic weather station by Instromet, using Cumulus software by Sandaysoft.

The weather station started collecting data in August 2016. All instruments were sited at the same time.

Thermometers and Humidity

The thermometers are housed in a Met1 Stevenson screen, 1.25 metres above the ground and include,

2 Ordinary Mercury Sheathed Thermometers  (BS231)
1 Maximum Mercury Sheathed Thermometer  (BS231)
1 Minimum Spirit Sheathed Thermometer  (BS231)

Within the Stevenson screen are the thermometer and humidity probes for the automatic weather station.

A Tinytag View TV-4505 temperature/humidity calibrated datalogger was installed on the 7th March 2018. This is in the Stevenson screen and this is used to calibrate the automatic weather station sensors and mercury thermometers to ensure accurate measurements are taken and displayed to national standards. The Tinytag logs temperature and humidity readings every 3 minutes which are downloaded at the end of each month and analysed.

Grass Temperature

The grass temperature is measured by an electronic probe held in place just above grass tips.


This is measured using a electronic rain gauge with a resolution to 0.1mm. I also use a CoCoRaHS manual rain gauge, this is used as a check gauge and to calibrate the automatic rain gauge. The rim of both rain gauges are 30cm above the ground

Wind speed and direction

The anemometer and direction is on a pole 10 metres high above the ground on the side of the house.


The electronic sunshine recorder is on the same pole as the wind sensors, 10 metres high.

Barometric pressure

Pressure is measured using an electronic pressure sensor inside the house. I calibrate it using the met office readings at nearby weather stations.


I take manual readings at 9am when i can due to shift work and record these on a log sheet for each day. Extra data at the time of observation include current conditions, cloud cover, visibility, fallen snow, hail, frost, fog. 

I have tried to adhere to the standards as set out by the Met office and World Meteorological Organisation in the siting of the above instruments but having a sheltered suburban garden my readings are not comparable with weather stations with correct exposure such as airfields.

The automatic weather station sends data to the Met office weather observations website (WOW), Weather underground and i send monthly weather reports to Climatological observers link which i am a member.

For more information about this and other weather stations in the UK, see the Met office, Climatological Observers link and Weather underground on my links page.

Photo is the Met1 Stevenson screen which houses the thermometers, sensors and Tinytag TV-4505.

About Me

My name is Jonathan and i have been interested in meteorology since i was a teenager. It was only a couple of years ago i decided to purchase instruments to record the weather and to set up my own weather website. 

To contact me about my weather station, please send me an email to: